George Stewart Lachlan MacLoed is an ordinary individual, with a somewhat pretentious bunch of names (assuming one looks past the George that is). At least that’s how he sees himself. There was a time, when the thought did cross his mind that he might indeed be extra-ordinary: the new Messiah - the immortal Son of God returning to Earth - growing up secretly amongst fellow mortals, in readiness to lead his flock, while friends and relations all perish around him. It was a hopeful dream ...


Soon after the ocean liner had tracked across Port Phillip Bay to dock in Port Melbourne, the lanky teenager, who had by now changed from an Elvis ‘flop-top’ to a Beatles ‘mop-top, was leaning on the wooden top-rail, casually watching as the four people he was expecting to see, made their way up the sloping gangway from shore to ship. He gave a gentle wave, then snapped a picture with the new camera his family in Cornwall had given him, just before leaving.

TREE OF LIFE: past-future alternatives

George had arrived at that point in time where he could claim contentment with life. With those early and sometimes confusing years in the rearview mirror, he is able to take on board the new life that Australia had to offer. He has - more through good luck than sound management – navigated his way to ‘the lucky country’. But what might life have been, if those crucial decisions along the way had determined an alternative forward pathway?