TRAVELLING ON TRAINS: window to the world

Trains are such exceptional travel vessels. Planes are exciting, but you are crammed together like British sunseekers on Brighton beach, and apart from the adrenalin rush of takeoff and landing, all you see out of the tiny window resembles ants in the desert. Buses admittedly do run on the ground and can offer delightful views, but again jampacked and fighting for elbow room, while the vista of traffic jams or other vehicles can be extraordinarily boring. Trains by comparison ....


Four poems that reach out to encompass diverse dimensions, beginning with Whittling our Niche (perhaps my own favourite, and the poem which heads the WoN website). This poem explores the notion that during his or her short life any person sees a miniscule portion of the universe which surrounds. Our friends and experiences come from that tiny splinter taken from a massive tree. But what if we could connect to the greater trunk and all its branches?


I came to love the beaches of Kangaroo Island: sundrenched in summer, wind-blown in winter; the ‘Autumn break’ months of April and May somewhere in between. But whichever month, the magnificent stretches of sand that circle the island are pretty much deserted most of the time. Emu Bay on the North Coast was a special favourite, while the Antarctic-facing Vivonne Bay - a peaceful haven in Summer - could project a turbulent scene through the winter months....