Putin’s Ukraine war could result in more Sustainable Change

Any war is disgusting and repulsive, but the current conflict playing out in Ukraine highlights the futility of warfare more than most. For the first time in decades Europe is host to a major war. Russia, one of the planet’s superpowers, aims to subjugate its neighbour Ukraine: to pummel its so-called brother-state into submission. The result of this aggression is that Ukraine has resisted with all the strength it can muster, backed by the western alliance.


Greta Thunberg, the Swedish teenager who inspires action to tackle climate change, has become more recognisable than most presidents. She has the clarity of mind to see our endangered world as if through the eyes of a clear-thinking alien, uncluttered by economics, or ego, birthplace or age. Greta represents youth, a section of our population often forgotten, but one which - in the absence of any other front-runner - has the potential to lead us all towards more sensible policies for a sustainable future.


Sustainable change is a broad church - not always about discarding charcoal and growing trees - it comes in a thousand and one shapes and sizes: people for example. One of the most challenging issues of this 21 st Century is just how we relate to each other; how haves relate to have-nots, historied citizens to traumatized migrants, rich to poor. Do we connect as part of the same tribe, or do we seek out divisions for our own benefit?